G’day Australia will be held in Cairns/Gimuy, Queensland, from Monday 9 to Thursday 12 October 2023.

G’day Australia is an Australia-based trade event that combines a training workshop and familiarisation visits exclusively for qualified Aussie Specialist agents from across the globe. Qualified Aussie Specialists actively sell Australia as a preferred destination to travellers and may be frontline retail agents or from wholesale and online travel agents. 

The event provides a professional forum for Australian sellers to train Aussie Specialists and strengthen their specific product knowledge. In addition, through familiarisation visits, agents will have first-hand experience with quality Australian tourism products, enhancing their ability to promote and sell Australia.


Approximately 300 qualified Aussie Specialist Agents from across the globe will be invited to participate in G’day Australia 2023. 

Australian tourism products and services are invited to apply. 

Sellers should be well established in the global markets with a strong brochure/online presence.


G'day Australia will be delivered by Tourism Australia in partnership with Tourism and Events Queensland and supported by Tourism Tropical North Queensland.

Tropical North Queensland offers a unique and meaningful travel experience. Visitors can explore iconic natural wonders like the Wet Tropics rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, as well as seaside luxury, urban cityscapes and rugged outback terrain. Discover a destination like no other, where natural beauty, outdoor adventure and culture collide.

Adventure and discovery are never far away in Queensland with 7,000km of pristine coastline, palm fringed islands within reach, vibrant cities, and the big skies of the outback. From the Great Barrier Reef, to the Wet Tropics, to hearing history told by Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Queensland is a holiday destination that ignites all five senses.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Owners of the land, sea and waters of the Australian continent, and recognise their custodianship of culture and Country for over 60,000 years. We will continue to share the cultures, warmth, humour and generosity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. All of which are central to how the story of Australia is told.